Touchless Carwash in Indio

Refueling Truck — Truck Stop in Indio, CA
When your vehicle first rolled off the assembly line, it had a bright coat of paint that gleamed whenever the sunlight struck the finish. As you drive down the road, dirt and other debris like brake dust inevitably collect on your car’s surface. That dulls the aesthetics that made you fall in love with your ride in the first place. At Clark’s Travel Center in Indio, we’ve been here since the early 40s, and we have a self-service, touchless car wash that can restore that factory shine without the scratches that could come from more traditional facilities.

Cleaning Facilities for Trucks

Cars aren’t the only vehicles that suffer from the rigors of the road, but it can sometimes be hard to find a place to clean high-profile automobiles like trucks or recreational vehicles. That doesn’t mean that you should neglect cleanliness, as your truck’s appearance can help a potential client make a first impression about you as a driver. Our state-of-the-art truck wash has full amenities, including two bays large enough for trucks, 14-foot clearance for easy access, around-the-clock operation seven days a week, vaccuums and high-speed pressure nozzles that will degrease and wax your rig.

We also offer a fully stocked Dino Mart convenience store with a restaurant, showers and a laundromat to keep you busy while you’re waiting your turn. If you have more than one vehicle, we have the capability to handle your entire fleet account.

Keep Your Vehicle Clean

You spent a lot of money on a car or truck, so why wouldn’t you do your best to maintain that factory-fresh appearance? As the dirt starts to accumulate, why not visit the oldest operating truck stop on Historic Route 99 between Canada and Mexico for a quick self-service car wash? Call Clark’s Travel Center in Indio at (760) 342-4776 today to find out how to keep your vehicle looking brand-new.