Your Source for DinoCare Gasoline in Indio

If there’s a mascot that’s most appropriate in the world of gasoline, it’s the Sinclair dinosaur. While these massive creatures once ruled the planet, their eventual extinction resulted in expansive underground stores of crude oil after millions of years of decomposition. At Clark’s Travel Center in Indio, we proudly sell DinoCare gasoline to travelers all along the “Main Street of California,” and this premium fuel comes with a whole host of benefits.

Superior Fuel for Your Engine

With gas prices in a state of constant flux, fuel economy is among one of the biggest concerns of today’s drivers. There are many things that can affect this statistic in an engine, but one of the largest factors is the presence of deposits that eventually build up and make things operate less efficiently. Sinclair uses an additive that helps to reduce these harmful accumulations, which can optimize your car or truck’s efficiency, and that in turn leads to lower maintenance costs during your vehicle’s life. As the oldest operating truck stop on Historic Route 99 from Canada to Mexico, we operate with your engine’s health in mind. This top-tier gasoline is generally recognized to be one of the best on the market.
Gasoline — Dinocare in Indio, CA
Top Tier Gasoline

Trust Your Car to the Dinosaur

You have many options when it comes to fueling your car. With so much invested in your vehicle, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best. When you pull into Clark’s Travel Center, the Sinclair Dino on the pump is a reassuring symbol that you’ll be taking that extra step to ensure smooth operation and maximum fuel economy throughout the life of your engine. We’ve been here since the early 40s in Indio, and we look forward to serving you during a break from your trip. Give us a call at (760) 342-4776 or just stop in for the ultimate refueling experience.