Self-Serve Laundromat in Indio

Laundry Machines — Laundromat in Indio, CA
If you’ve ever taken a long road trip, you know that the dirty laundry can pile up to the point where you have no clean clothes left in your suitcase. When this happens to you while you’re nowhere near home, you need to find a reliable coin-operated laundromat to replenish your wardrobe. At Clark’s Travel Center in Indio, we have 43 washers and 37 dryers at your immediate disposal with three high-capacity washing and drying units for bigger loads. With amenities like free Wi-Fi, a play area for children, access to ATM or EBT funds, and convenient parking for large vehicles, trucks and RVs, it’s no wonder why drivers have made us the oldest operating truck stop on Historic Route 99 between Canada and Mexico.

Fluff and Fold Service

After a long day out on the highway, you’d probably rather unwind than spend time doing laundry, and that’s why we offer a convenient fluff and fold service. Let our staff wash, dry and fold all of your clothes while you take a shower, eat at our restaurant or browse the Dino Mart convenience store for essential supplies to keep you moving on your trip. After taking a brief break from the rigors of the road, you’ll be ready to head back out with a suitcase full of clean clothing for the next few days.

Clean Clothes for the Rest of Your Journey

When you’re out on the road for an extended period, luxurious experiences can be fleeting, but clean clothing makes you comfortable as the miles click by on the odometer. Make a pit stop at the Clark’s Travel Center gas station in Indio and bring a few loads of laundry inside to our laundromat so you always have something fresh to wear. We’ve been here since the early 40s, and we’re happy to answer your questions, so give us a call at (760) 342-4776 today.